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GEM Pharma's scientific platform is a paradigm change in drug development

Our know-how, developed at Resdevco Ltd., constitutes a platform that influences the production level of protein in the cell to achieve healing via regulation of gene expression without interfering with genetics. All our products, based on this platform, heal the tissue and restore a symptom-free state. For a deeper scientific review, go to Resdevco

1. Healing the cell requires restoring cell protein levels to a healthy-normal level from deficiency or excess.

2. This is done by signaling to the cell’s protein synthesis system to restore the level of a targeted protein in the cell from an abnormal level, that causes the damage, to the healthy level, that allows healing.

3. The term 'regulation of gene expression' in relation to GEM Pharma’s platform, means we can control the quantity of the 

m-RNA, hence the protein levels in the cell. 

4. We name the active substance in our products as the 'Regulator'.  The Regulator is a biochemical agent which naturally exists in our bodies, that in addition to its known tasks, acts as an external regulator of the synthesis of certain proteins.

5. Regulation of Gene Expression influences the cell without changing the gene or the gene mediator (m-RNA). Therefore, it is an effective and safe therapeutic method

6. For example, using the above platform, we manage to increase the Filaggrin and Occludin levels in any type of dry skin and to decrease the HLA-DR and TLR-3 levels in any type of dry eye syndrome, thus restoring the tissue to its normal function.

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